Our campaign, ‘Think Twice Act Wise’, was crowned the champion of the ‘Peer to Peer (P2P) Facebook Global Digital Challenge Spring 2017’. The aim of the campaign was to promote tolerance, empathy and inter-religious harmony among the youth of Bangladesh, by the means of online and offline tools. However, to continue the work of the campaign on a larger scale the idea to conceive Think2act Foundation was incepted.

Our organization Think2act Foundation seeks to ignite the spirit of positive change via empowering and innovative tools which patronize the development of critical thinking, as well as the ability to make sound judgement, thus advocating for creative and innovative ways to challenge deep-rooted dogmas. Addressing contemporary social problems entailing citizens from all walks of life, we undertake projects whose beneficiaries belong to diverse age groups, backgrounds and strata, with a vision to ensure a long term, sustainable impact. Think2act aims to address the issue of growing intolerance and hate speeches, focusing on the socio-economic and cultural context of Bangladesh. We emphasize on promoting tolerance, empathy and inter-religious harmony by the means of online-offline campaigns and research activities.