Speech championship 2017

Be the Champion Speaker-2017.
LSF Speech Championship-2017.

Day-1: Session one
Workshop on
• How to write project paper, Internship report, assignment, research paper
• How to prepare PowerPoint for presentation
• How to prepare a speech

Day-1: Session two
Speech contest
Participants will participate for a speech contest. It will be 4/5 minutes prepared speech on the project prepared by the participant. Participants will be given some categories to choose one topic to prepare a project report. On the basis of that project the participant will give a speech for 4-5 minutes. Four semifinalists will be selected.

Day-2: Final Round
Two sessions:
Session one: Leadership grooming session with four competent speakers.
Session two: Champion speaker for 2017 will be selected in the final round from the four semifinalists.

Registration process for participation.

Phone no: 0168-0000-113/0197-0000-113


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