Notre Dame College Model United Nations 2018

This winter, prepare to join us for the exciting second session of Notre Dame College Model United Nations, to be held from 11-13th January, 2018. The prestigious Notre Dame International Understanding and Relations Club (NDIURC) is just as excited as you are to announce that it will be hosting the NDCMUN 2.0 soon.

The conference is promised to be held 11-13 January, 2018 at our very own premises similar to the previous session. The previous MUN had a total of almost 350 delegates divided into 6 committees under a total of 12 of the most decorated EB members in the circuit. Delegates have affiliated themselves to the art of MUNs participating in upsurging heated debates and battling through diplomatic tensions for the sake of resolution and revolution.

The NDIURC had arranged an IntraMUN in August this year basically for the passionate freshmen and seniors of Notre Dame College. The event not only served as a learning ground for newbies but also a teaching field for veterans.

So, with utmost delight and gratitude, NDC will be hosting the next session this winter. So fellow delegates, stay tuned in anticipation for the battlecry of diplomacy!


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National Green Carnival 2018

MGBHS Green Enthusiastic Club is going to host a grand Green CARNIVAL, or as we call it, Inter School Green Carnival for the 1st time at Motijheel Government Boys High School premises.

 Events:
• Green olympiad
• Wall Magazine
• Green Projects Display
• Concept Presentation (Multimedia Presentation)
• Children Art Competition
• Nature Acknowledgement
• Open quiz
• Slogan Competition

 Event Categories:
There will be 4 groups in total:
• Secondary level (Class 6-10)
• Higher secondary level (Class 11-12)

 Event Details:

 Green Olympiad


• Secondary level: Natural wonders of Bangladesh, Geology, Acid rain, Climate change, Greenhouse effect, Sustainable development goals, Pollution (Soil, Water, and Air).

• Higher Secondary:Atmosphere, Light Pollution, Carbon emission, Climate change, Renewable energy, Introduction to the environment, Sustainable development goals & Fundamentals of Environment, Ecology & Biodiversity.

Rules and regulations:
*This event is applicable for Secondary, Higher Secondary.
*The time duration for this event is 30 minutes.

 Wall Magazine

• Secondary level: Climate change.
• Higher Secondary level: Carbon foot print.

Rules & regulations:
* The following event is applicable for Secondary and Higher Secondary level.
* A maximum of 3 and minimum or 2 participants can form a group.
* Each member of the group has to register individually.
* Dimensions: 5 x 3 or 3 x 2.5 feet.
*The wall magazine must be based on the mentioned theme.
* Participants must submit their wall magazine on a date scheduled by the event authority.

 Green Projects display

• Secondary level: Green technology and Ideas
• Higher Secondary level: Sustainable technology (Energy minimization, Water use minimization, Green Campus )

Rules and regulation:
* The following event is applicable for Secondary and Higher Secondary level.
*Projects must be emphasizing on the above-mentioned themes according to the category.
*Projects can be based on Physics/ Chemistry/Biology but have to be eco-friendly.
*Maximum of 3 members and minimum of 2 members can form a team.

 Concept Presentation (Multimedia Presentation)

• Secondary level: Green technology/ Waste management/ Water management/ Environmental legislation.
• Higher Secondary level: Salinity intrusion/ Green architecture/ Green Mind / Environmental legislation.

Rules and Regulations:
*The following event is applicable for Secondary, Higher Secondary.
*Maximum 10 slide will be allowed for presentation.
* The duration of the presentation will be 8 minutes maximum.
*The presentation files must be submitted at the event venue right before the event starts using flash drives.
*Participants will not be allowed to modify the presentation after submission.

 Children Art Competition

Theme: Nature

Rules and Regulations:
*This event is open to students of 6 to 10.
*Papers will be provided to the participants by the event authority. The participants are only requested to bring their essential instruments for the competition.

 Nature Acknowledgement
Participants will be introduced to different species (Birds/Plants/Butterflies etc.). Afterwards, they have to label them.
Rules and regulations:
*This event is applicable for primary level students only.

 Open quiz
Participants will be going through a question answer round.
Theme: Environment and Bangladesh.
Rules and regulations:
* The following event is applicable only for primary level
*Participants will have to answer orally.

 Eco Vocabulary
Participant has to write words and terms related to the environment as they can in one-minute duration.

Rules and regulations:
* The following event is only applicable to Secondary level.
*The words can be both scientific and non-scientific.
*Time is limited to 60 seconds.
* The participant with most number of correct words will be selected as the winner.

 Slogan Competition
A presentation on a specific topic will be shown to the participants. The participants will have to create a slogan for that topic instantly.

Rules and regulations
*The following event is only applicable for higher secondary level.
*The presentation will be held for 15 minutes.
*Topic will be discussed during the presentation.
*5 minutes will be given to the participants for creating the slogan
*Each participant have to create only one slogan
*Use of any mobile devices and internet is not allowed in this competition.

 Crafting
Participants have to create art forms employing papers as their primary artistic medium for the creation of three dimensional objects.

Rules and regulations:
* The following event is applicable for primary level only.
*Participants have to create any type of origami figure such as- Flower, Bird, etc.
*Participants will be provided with 20 minutes to do their work.
*The participant with maximum types of figures will be selected as the winner.
*Paper will be provided by the event authority.

 Green design:
Green design is a digital poster designing competition. The Purpose of this event is to engage young people in sustainable actions that result in positive environmental benefits.

Theme: Climate Change & Bangladesh, Sustainable Bangladesh

Rules and Regulation:
*The following event is applicable for Secondary level only.
*Poster should be designed based on real and contemporary environmental facts.
*The participant should be the sole owner and creator of the poster.
*Dimensions: A2 size 420 x 594mm in 300 dpi.
*File size shouldn’t exceed more than 1 mb.

Note: Registration booth will remain open from 10 am to 4pm starting from October 17 at our school campus until the last date of registration.

For any kind of info or inquiry, you can mail us at


T.M.A Iqbal Bin Belal
President (Administration)
Phone: 01918474230

Kazi Mahbub Morshed Limon
Genaral Secretary
Phone: 01537060143


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