Notre Dame College Model United Nations 2018

This winter, prepare to join us for the exciting second session of Notre Dame College Model United Nations, to be held from 11-13th January, 2018. The prestigious Notre Dame International Understanding and Relations Club (NDIURC) is just as excited as you are to announce that it will be hosting the NDCMUN 2.0 soon.

The conference is promised to be held 11-13 January, 2018 at our very own premises similar to the previous session. The previous MUN had a total of almost 350 delegates divided into 6 committees under a total of 12 of the most decorated EB members in the circuit. Delegates have affiliated themselves to the art of MUNs participating in upsurging heated debates and battling through diplomatic tensions for the sake of resolution and revolution.

The NDIURC had arranged an IntraMUN in August this year basically for the passionate freshmen and seniors of Notre Dame College. The event not only served as a learning ground for newbies but also a teaching field for veterans.

So, with utmost delight and gratitude, NDC will be hosting the next session this winter. So fellow delegates, stay tuned in anticipation for the battlecry of diplomacy!


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Call Us: +8801679835751 or +8801686768897


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UNYSAB Model United Nations 2017 in Rajshahi

UNYSAB Model United Nations Conference is the largest students simulation in northern part of Bangladesh which is practiced by youths coming from all around the country and abroad as well. It is the most prominent and prestigious event organized by UNYSA Bangladesh-Rajshahi Divisional Wing where participants can gain insight into the working of the United Nations’.

UNYSAB organizes the conference with a view to promoting the idea of Model United Nations among the participants and raising consciousness among the delegates and inspiring them to take a role in creating a better future. It creates platform to educate the participants about effective communication, globalization, international relations, critical thinking, leadership skills and the ability to adapt and deal with unexpected situations, and exercise diplomacy. It also helps the participants to increase their understanding of multilateral organizations and empower their capacity to negotiate and interact in a qualified international environment.

With that intention and after attaining consecutive success for last three sessions, UNYSAB- Rajshahi Divisional Wing is back again to organize the fourth session of UNYSAB MUN. We are honored and delighted to invite you all in our signature event “UNYSAB MUN 2017”.
The conference will be taking place under the theme ‘Flourishing Youth as Resource for Contributing in SDGs through Innovation, Leadership & Social Security.’ In 2014,2015 and 2016 several delegates from home and abroad took part in the conference and played great roles as UN representatives. This year it will create a tremendous platform where 350 delegates will come together to explore their ideas regarding the theme.

We welcome you for 4 days of exhilarating discourse, pragmatic negotiations, exciting socials and unforgettable MUN experiences.

Our eight prestigious committees are:
1. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
2. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
3. United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
4. World Trade Organization (WTO)
5. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
6. Specialised Committee for Bangladesh Affairs (SCBA)
7. European Union (EU) and
8. IP (International Press)




MUNs have more practical advantages than any other form of public speaking exercise, simply because it involves so many people at once.
1. It teaches you research methodology: When I started MUNning the first and possibly the best advice I got was “Do your research well”. The sheer washout I pulled off in committee worked wonders in reinforcing the ideology that no matter what you do, have the prior knowledge pat down beforehand. Also reading through 200 page documents would seem daunting to a beginner and MUNning taught me how to skim through and identify relevant information, skills I use in my academic life all the time.
2. It teaches you teamwork: MUNs are a great way to learn how to work as a team and use the collective wisdom to your advantage. The group’s collective intelligence is always greater than the sum of it’s individual parts, and MUNs are a great demonstration of this. What you may lack in oratory skills someone else could cover and what they make lack in research you could cover up, so that in the end everyone wins.
3. It’s a good of understanding policymaking: Most people take politics and lawmaking for granted. Being immersed into the process through MUNs gives you an idea of what it really is like at the top and the psyche of our lawmakers. MUNs give a whole new perspective on analysing the world around us, the laws behind it and its socioeconomic implications.

4. Gratification: This is not really a benefit but it’s a huge morale boost. This might take some time so keep MUNning but once in a while you will get the opportunity to absolutely destroy someone in committee in the most brutal way allowable in parliamentary language. The *mic drop* feeling you get after that is what makes MUNning worth it.
* Socialising
* Soft Skills
* Discipline
* Knowledge
* Leadership


Anyone can Apply

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh


Registration Information:
Campus Ambassador Registration
Apply Date: June 15-June 19

For delegate registration
Early Bird registration: BDT 2500|| Date: June 20-July 20
Regular registration: BDT 2600|| Date: July 21-August 10
Late Delegate registration: BDT 2700 || Date: August 11-August 25
For International Delegate: USD 35 || Date: July 1- July 31

For Executive Board Member Registration:
Date: July 25-August 15

Application Deadline: August 25, 2017 (67 Days Remaining)


World Festval of Youth and Students 2017 in Sochi, Russia

19th World Festival of Youth and Students will unite 20,000 young leaders from more than 150 countries.

The WFYS aims to consolidate international youth community, strengthen international ties, as well as promote international and intercultural cooperation. One of the main goals of the upcoming Festival is shaping a common vision of the future by the young leaders from different countries, trying to articulate responses to the most pressing challenges of the generation. The main agenda of the discussion program is to encompass the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the United Nations.

The program of the WFYS 2017 involves various platforms, including panel discussions and open lectures on topical issues of youth policy and international relations, sports competitions, as well as a number of cultural and creative events. Tentatively, key issues of the event will be: «Culture and globalization», «Global economy», «Knowledge economy», «Public institutions’ development», «Politics and international security». Furthermore, each day of the Festival program will be dedicated to a particular region of the world, and its final chord will be the day of Russia.

The working languages of the Festival are the 6 official languages of the United Nations: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.




  • free visa (simplified regime)
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • all the facilities at the venue
  • transfer in Russia
  • unique uniforms
  • unforgettable memories

However, the airfare to the Festival venue (city of Sochi) and back shall be covered by the participant / the sending party. At the same time, the organizers are currently working to arrange charter flights to Moscow from different countries and regions of the world to make it possible to provide low fare tickets.


  • Young people aged between 18 and 35-year-old.
  • Leaders of youth NPOs, young journalists, creative youth (musicians, writers, artists, directors, etc.), sports youth (leaders of student sports clubs, professional sportsmen), young workers, young IT-specialists, and engineers, young leaders of student governments, leaders of political parties’ youth organizations, young faculty members, young scientists (social studies and humanities, natural and technical sciences), foreigners learning Russian language, interested in Russian culture, etc.

Eligible Regions: Open for All


If you are a foreign citizen and you would like to participate as a volunteer, during the registration on the official website of the Festival in the field «Motivation to participate in the Festival» please specify, among other things, «I want to become a volunteer of the Festival», and briefly describe your experience, if any.

Application Deadline: June 10, 2017 (9 Days Remaining)



Asia Pacific Youth Exchange 2017 in Thailand

Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) is a regional youth programme, which responds to the global need of actively engaging youth in localized Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiatives. By working with multiple stakeholders in local communities and in decision-making processes, selected youth delegates are given a unique opportunity to learn and hone the skills necessary to participate in SDGs-related activities.

APYE Thailand edition will be held at United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand from 17-30 July 2017. The Summer 2017 program is co-hosted by UNDP Thailand & Urban Youth Academy, with the support from other 10 Asia Pacific United Nations Agencies, Ministry of Higher Education Thailand, Bangkok Airways and more than 40 international partners across sectors.

The program provide an intense learning journey over 2 weeks in Thailand, including:

  • 3 days – Leadership Development Training on Sustainable Development & Social Entrepreneurship
  • 7 days – Local Immersion to different communities in Thailand. Delegates are divided into teams in alignment with SDGs to enhance solutions for existing challenges in the local communities.
  • 3 days – Youth Symposium with mentoring & pitching session for the best social project to be implemented.




The program aims to “Empower Youth to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals”. Through 2 weeks of hands-on learning and international interactions, youth delegates can have the chance to work in team and learn how to create sustainable social impact through entrepreneurship, as well as access to the high level network of development agencies working on development area.

The program will mobilize 200 youth from around Asia Pacific to Bangkok, Thailand, creating a platform of proactive youth interested in social development co-designing innovative solutions for social issues. Graduates will gain access to Venture Competitions and future opportunities related to social innovation provided by our network of partners.

Program Objectives: 

  • Improve young people’s understanding of SDGs and their roles in achieving them
  • Increase understanding and cooperation among young people across Asia and the Pacific through cross cultural dialogues, networking and partnerships
  • Build the capacity of youth in implementing projects and activities aligned to the SDGs
  • Strengthen global and regional partnership for the SDGs and youth development in Asia and the Pacific
  • Identify opportunities for inclusion of youth in decision-making and implementation of the SDGs
  • Promote youth volunteering as a tool to support achieving the SDGs.


  • Applicants must be between 18-30 years old with less than 3 years working experience of social entrepreneurship.
  • Applicants must be available to join full program duration from 17-30 July 2017. 

Eligible Regions: Open for All.

SDG MUN Global 2017 in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Sustainable Development Goals Model United Nations – Global Edition, popularly known as SDGMUN GLOBAL, is a four-day residential international MUN simulation for students, held annually in different countries. This year program will be held in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The beach in Cox’s Bazar is an unbroken 120 km (75 miles) long sandy sea beach with a gentle slope, the world’s longest sea beach.




At SDGMUN GLOBAL, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets.

Registration Fee Includes:

  • Conference participation fee.
  • MUN kit and other souvenirs.
  • Entry fee of 5 socials.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner would be provided during the conference.
  • Mid-day and Afternoon Snacks would also be provided during the conference.
  • Accommodation in Air Conditioned Deluxe Room.
  • One way transport from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazaar.


School, College and University Students (Grade 9 & above)
Early Bird Registration Fee: 5999 BDT (Bangladeshi Applicant)
100 US Dollar (International Applicant) Seats are limited in this conference. Early bird option is available only for 30 delegates on the basis of first come, first serve.

Jahangirnagar Model United Nations 2017 in Dhaka

Jahangirnagar University, the kingdom of natural beauty, is calling you to embrace for the 3rd time. Honorable diplomats around the world, We, Jahangirnagar University Model United Nations Association (JUMUNA) are back with one of the biggest and largest MUN conferences of Bangladesh, “JAHANGIRNAGAR MODEL UNITED NATIONS 2017”.

This year JULY will be different. Gear yourselves up for the roller coaster ride of DIPLOMACY from 27th to 29th of JULY.


  • United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  • The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
  • The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
  • Model National Assembly of Bangladesh (M-NAB)




JMUN 2017 will not only give you the truest change to aspire the diplomacy and negotiation within yourselves but also give you a chance to inspirit your routine life. Because, this year JMUN 2017 is coming with the blast to amaze you.



Eligible Regions: Open for All

Bangladesh Model UN 2017

Bangladesh Model United Nations (BANMUN) is the oldest Model UN conference in Bangladesh organized by United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB). UNYSAB organizes the conference with a view to promoting the idea of Model United Nations among the students from different institutions of Bangladesh.

MUN is an academic simulation that focuses on civics, communications, and multilateral diplomacy. During a Model United Nations conference, students take on roles as foreign diplomats and participate in a simulated session of an intergovernmental organization (IGO). Participants research a country, take on a role as a diplomat, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world issues.

Regular delegate registration fees: BDT 2800

Apply at:

Summer Youth Assembly 2017 at UN Headquarters, New York

Australia Awards Scholarships are long term development awards administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to contribute to the long term development needs of Australia’s partner countries in line with bilateral and regional agreements. They provide opportunities for people from developing countries, particularly those countries located in the Indo-Pacific region, to undertake full time undergraduate or postgraduate study at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions.
The study and research opportunities provided by Australia Awards Scholarships develop skills and knowledge of individuals to drive change and contribute to the development outcomes of their own country.




The Awards are offered for the minimum period necessary for the individual to complete the academic program specified by the Australian higher education institution, including any preparatory training. The following benefits generally apply:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Return air travel—payment of a single return, economy class airfare to and from Australia, via the most direct route
  • Establishment allowance—a once only payment of A$5,000 as a contribution towards accommodation expenses, text books, study materials
  • Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE) – is a fortnightly contribution to basic living expenses paid at a rate determined by the department. From 1 January 2013, CLE payable to awardees is A$30,000 per year.
  • Introductory Academic Program (IAP)—a compulsory 4-6 week program prior to the commencement of formal academic studies covering information on life and study in Australia
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of the award (for award holder only)—provided to cover the student’s basic medical costs (with the exception of pre-existing conditions)
  • Pre-course English (PCE) fees—if deemed necessary PCE may be available for students for in-country and/or in-Australia training
  • Supplementary Academic Support may be available to ensure a Scholar’s academic success or enhance their academic experience
  • Fieldwork (for research awardees and Master by coursework which has a research component where fieldwork is compulsory component)—may be available for eligible research students for one return economy class airfare via the most direct route to their country of citizenship or within Australia.


Check the open and close dates for your country, and select your country of citizenship/residency from the list of participating countries for specific information on eligibility, priority areas and how to apply.

Eligible Regions:

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Vietnam, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna, Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Palestinian Territories



Go to the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS). When you register online, you will be required to answer some questions to establish your eligibility.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2017