Athens Summer School 2017 in Athens, Greece

The Athens Summer School is one of the main activities of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Jean Monnet module “Moving the EU forward”. It is an intensive interdisciplinary 7-day course (36 teaching hours), that will provide comprehensive knowledge on the different aspects of the economic crisis and the key challenges that Europe faces in the post-crisis era. How and to what extent is the EU crisis considered as an opportunity for moving the EU forward? What lessons can be learned? Which challenges face the EU and how can we deal with them to move the EU forward?  The lectures will focus on these key questions, aiming to illuminate, analyze and encourage further discussion about how EU policies and politics are (re)shaped in the aftermath of the current EU economic crisis.

The lectures will be given by distinguished academics and recognized researchers with a thorough academic background and political perception on EU politics and policies. A keynote speech will be delivered by an outstanding personality in EU affairs that will stimulate student’s interest for the courses, setting the main points for consideration.




The Athens Summer School constitutes a unique opportunity for every Greek or foreign advanced under-graduate or post-graduate student to broaden his academic and research horizons on EU crisis as new interdisciplinary field of EU studies.

The Athens Summer School aims at becoming an annual meeting point for motivated and talented students; driven by their common interest for the new dynamics that crisis has shaped for the European integration and for Greece as well.

Participants will experience high-quality teaching by distinguished academics, who have also served as experts or consultants at EU or Greek institutions. In this sense, delivered lectures will not only be an ex cathedra teaching. It will be mainly vivid debates on EU policy issues, where participating students will share their different views and approaches on issues discussed, while enriching their knowledge through teaching staff’s theoretical and practical experience.

More than fifty per cent of the teaching time will be dedicated to case studies and discussion in order to expand students’ critical thinking and policy horizons. Moreover, students will be divided into 5 groups and will be asked to act as Rapporteurs, preparing a common presentation on the core challenges and opportunities for moving the EU forward, identified in each thematic stream. The presentations and the key messages delivered in the courses will be discussed during the round table that will be held on the last day of the School. The Module Leader and 5 members of the teaching staff (one from each thematic stream) will act as discussants of these presentations and will summarize the concluding remarks of the round table discussion into a report.


Advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students from EU and non-EU countries are eligible

Eligible Regions:  

Open for All


April 27, 2017


The application form must be filled in and sent to the Institute’s e-mail: by the 20th April 2017. Successful applicants will be notified via e-mail by the end of April.

Application Deadline: April 27, 2017




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