Café 3- Women Empowerment and Leadership

Though a lot of prominent Bangladeshi figures are women, our country still has a long way to go to achieve gender equality. Youthopia.bangla is organising a café focusing on “Women empowerment and leadership” in Bangladesh. Join Now!!!
The aim of this café is to building confidence and awareness among participants, understanding the changing role of our women in the society and guide them to claim their own space in the society.
This workshop/café will give the women participants a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and learn about –
> Assertive communication
> New dimensions of leadership
> Strategies to overcome obstacles to success
> Changing role of women in society

• NO registration or participation FEE IS REQUIRED.
• ALL PARTICIPANTS will GET CERTIFICATES for participation at the end to this café series.
• ALL PARTICIPANTS will get the OPPORTUNITY to PARTICIPATE in a special CAFÉ focused on SDGs.

Selection Criteria:
• Only women can participate in this café.
• A clear justification on how the organisation will benefit from the café.
• The participant must hold a leading position within the organisation.
• Commitment to put into practice the knowledge acquired within the organisation.
• Though any organisation can register for more than one café, the participants must be different in each event.
• Organisations registered on Youthopia.bangla website will get preference.

Registration Deadline: July 11, 2017

Website:; ইয়ুথওপিয়া.বাংলা

[N.B.- A series of workshops are arranging for the youth organisations to complement their communication skills’ development with a useful networking environment. Your organisation can join more than one café. For that you need to submit individual applications for each café using the same online registration form]

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