UNYSAB Model United Nations 2017 in Rajshahi

UNYSAB Model United Nations Conference is the largest students simulation in northern part of Bangladesh which is practiced by youths coming from all around the country and abroad as well. It is the most prominent and prestigious event organized by UNYSA Bangladesh-Rajshahi Divisional Wing where participants can gain insight into the working of the United Nations’.

UNYSAB organizes the conference with a view to promoting the idea of Model United Nations among the participants and raising consciousness among the delegates and inspiring them to take a role in creating a better future. It creates platform to educate the participants about effective communication, globalization, international relations, critical thinking, leadership skills and the ability to adapt and deal with unexpected situations, and exercise diplomacy. It also helps the participants to increase their understanding of multilateral organizations and empower their capacity to negotiate and interact in a qualified international environment.

With that intention and after attaining consecutive success for last three sessions, UNYSAB- Rajshahi Divisional Wing is back again to organize the fourth session of UNYSAB MUN. We are honored and delighted to invite you all in our signature event “UNYSAB MUN 2017”.
The conference will be taking place under the theme ‘Flourishing Youth as Resource for Contributing in SDGs through Innovation, Leadership & Social Security.’ In 2014,2015 and 2016 several delegates from home and abroad took part in the conference and played great roles as UN representatives. This year it will create a tremendous platform where 350 delegates will come together to explore their ideas regarding the theme.

We welcome you for 4 days of exhilarating discourse, pragmatic negotiations, exciting socials and unforgettable MUN experiences.

Our eight prestigious committees are:
1. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
2. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
3. United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
4. World Trade Organization (WTO)
5. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
6. Specialised Committee for Bangladesh Affairs (SCBA)
7. European Union (EU) and
8. IP (International Press)




MUNs have more practical advantages than any other form of public speaking exercise, simply because it involves so many people at once.
1. It teaches you research methodology: When I started MUNning the first and possibly the best advice I got was “Do your research well”. The sheer washout I pulled off in committee worked wonders in reinforcing the ideology that no matter what you do, have the prior knowledge pat down beforehand. Also reading through 200 page documents would seem daunting to a beginner and MUNning taught me how to skim through and identify relevant information, skills I use in my academic life all the time.
2. It teaches you teamwork: MUNs are a great way to learn how to work as a team and use the collective wisdom to your advantage. The group’s collective intelligence is always greater than the sum of it’s individual parts, and MUNs are a great demonstration of this. What you may lack in oratory skills someone else could cover and what they make lack in research you could cover up, so that in the end everyone wins.
3. It’s a good of understanding policymaking: Most people take politics and lawmaking for granted. Being immersed into the process through MUNs gives you an idea of what it really is like at the top and the psyche of our lawmakers. MUNs give a whole new perspective on analysing the world around us, the laws behind it and its socioeconomic implications.

4. Gratification: This is not really a benefit but it’s a huge morale boost. This might take some time so keep MUNning but once in a while you will get the opportunity to absolutely destroy someone in committee in the most brutal way allowable in parliamentary language. The *mic drop* feeling you get after that is what makes MUNning worth it.
* Socialising
* Soft Skills
* Discipline
* Knowledge
* Leadership


Anyone can Apply

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh


Registration Information:
Campus Ambassador Registration
Apply Date: June 15-June 19

For delegate registration
Early Bird registration: BDT 2500|| Date: June 20-July 20
Regular registration: BDT 2600|| Date: July 21-August 10
Late Delegate registration: BDT 2700 || Date: August 11-August 25
For International Delegate: USD 35 || Date: July 1- July 31

For Executive Board Member Registration:
Date: July 25-August 15

Application Deadline: August 25, 2017 (67 Days Remaining)


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