Let Them Come

Jakir is standing in an underground tube station in London, England. He is a twenty-five year
old Syrian refugee. Suddenly, someone threw a bottle at him. He looked back and saw that a
young woman was shouting at him angrily, “Go back to your rotten country!”
Jakir calmly said, “I wish I could do that. But there is a deadly civil war going on in my
The woman then said, “How is that our problem? We don’t have the capacity to shelter people
like you! You come here and then you attack us! If it were upto me, I’d throw out all of you!”
Jakir: “This is your problem. When your government keeps bombing my country, it becomes
your problem.”
The woman: “Our government launches attacks to kill terrorists that your rotten country
produces! These terrorists have a vendetta against us! They have attacked us many times!”
Jakir: “If you think, only terroists die in these attacks, then you are making a huge mistake. A
drone strike killed all of my family members except me and my stister three years ago.”
Woman: “Your family must have had some sort of terrorist affiliation!”
Jakir: “I know that you won’t believe me, but there were no terrorists in my family. I don’t know
why they bombed our home but this wasn’t the only time they killed innocent civilians. This has
happened tons of times. Innocents have died in this deadly civil war because of the indifference
of the dominant forces of home and abroad.”
Woman: “But that doesn’t give you the right to come here. You are unwanted here. We have our
own problems.”
Jakir: “Let me get this straight, the battle for dominance is being fought in our backyard. The
elected representatives of your country are also fighting for dominance. We are being murdered
and you still say that we have no right to come here? We don’t want to come here! We don’t
want to leave our home! We don’t have a choice!”
Woman: “You could at least come through proper channels! Then, the government could
properly accomodate you! In stead, you come through the sea in huge numbers. We can’t
facilitate such a huge population!”
Jakir: “No country gives us visas. So, I had to go to a human trafficker seeing no other way. I
paid him selling everything we had to flee the country with my sister. Afterwards, they put us in
an overcrowded ship containing desperate Syrians looking for safe harbor! On our way to
Europe, my sister died when our ship sank! I swam to shore but I couldn’t save her! We don’t
want to come here. The path to your country is also riddled with danger! But we are helpless!
The civilized world is watching us die without doing anything! You won’t even let us enter!
Why do you even call yourselves civilized if you turn away helpless refugees?”
Woman: “Well, when you put it that way, I feel really bad. But we, the mass people, don’t know
all these details. Even if we do, what can we do?”
Jakir: “You could start by spreading the details of the situation. If people learn about the
situation, they will become more sympathetic. Then, you can pressurize the government to let
refugees in. When you have mass support, you can also pressurize your government to stop
fighting in our country. This is not an easy process. But if you really do care, you have to start
fighting. Otherwise, refugees will keep coming. Strict laws and border patrol won’t be able to
keep us out. We’ll either get in or die trying. Because that is the only chocie we have.”
Woman: “I’ll try my best. I haven’t even properly introduced myself yet! I’m so sorry! I’m
Jakir: “I’m Jakir. Best of luck! Remember, even if one refugee finds safe haven because of you,
you have made a huge difference! Every life matters!”
Kate: “I’ll definitely keep that in my mind!”
Six Months Later:
A group of protesters are protesting in front of the House of Commons. They want England to
accept more refugees from the war torn Syria. BBC’s Martha Rogers is reporting live on this
issue. She is talking to one of the protesters, “Why do you want Britain to accept more
Kate: “These refugees are suffering greatly. It is our duty as global citizens to stand beside them
in this time of great difficulty. Europe has stood tall and upheld humanity in many occasions. We
can’t fail this time either! Let them In! Let them Come!”

Writer: Tanjim Islam

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